Brady's Birdhouses
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This is a juried craft of the Kentucky
Craft Marketing Program.  Once
featured in the Smithsonian Institute
catalog, the Kentucky Log Cabin
Birdhouse is back in limited quantities.  
It's handcrafted from western red cedar,
a naturally insect and weather resistant
wood.  The bottom removes for easy
Measures 9" x 9" x 9".
Only $39.95 (FREE shipping!)
The Kentucky Log Cabin Birdhouse is juried by the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program
Kentucky Log Cabin Birdhouse
Kentucky Log Cabin Birdhouse
Remove two screws on bottom for easy cleaning
Incredible detail with old country charm
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Log Cabin Bird Feeder
Log Cabin Bird Feeder
Log Cabin Bird Feeder
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The Log Cabin Feeder features incredible
detail with wood lattice, logs and a
"shingled" roof.  It holds approximately
3 lbs of seed and is large enough to
accommodate several birds at once.  To
refill, simply lift the roof and fill the hopper.
Your backyard friends will love it all year
round.  The base of the feeder fits on a
4X4 post (available at most home
improvement stores).  
Measures 15" x 15" x 10".
Only $59.95 (FREE shipping!)
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